Hair growth.

Hello lovelies :)

Last year I decided that I wanted long hair, but with years of bleaching my hair just wasn't feeling the length and would get to a certain point, put its foot down and just stop growing so last December (after having my highlights done, of course) I decided I would not touch my hair with colour for a year!  A WHOLE YEAR! My boyfriend had such faith in me completing this task that he even bet on me failing -_-!.  But screeeewwww him as I have not bleached my hair for a year so he owes me a full hairdresser experience! muahaha!. But not only that my hair has become quite long, not long to the point where im 100% happy but to a length where I can do a lot more to it then I could a year ago! So I thought I would show my top 5 hair growing tips of some sort... :)

                                                                        [My go to hair style, no heat & greasy!-haha]
1. Don't bleach it! - Fairly obvious but my hair has honestly grown far more this year without a sniff of bleach. Bleaching hair can cause hair to become over processed and lose the elasticity and moisture. Hair grows on average about half a inch a month so if your hair is constantly getting bleached its more likely to snap off, snapping away the bit of hair growth your experiencing.

2. Bye bye Ghds - I understand to some this is a mammoth task but even cutting back the heat will help your hair grow & also stop it from looking frazzled. If you desperately need heat don't forget a good heat protectant I use the Treseme one which is available here .I've been wearing my hair in a bun on top of my head to stop the straightening urge!

3. Wash your hair less - Washing hair too much can wash away the natural oils in hair and leave hair brittle. Try using shampoos that are sulphate free as many shampoos containing sulphate's have harmful chemicals in. Remember to condition hair from your ear down as using conditioner straight on the scalp can block hair follicles & also make hair appear greasy, making you feel the need to wash it again. Great alternatives to washing hair are dry shampoos which just need to be sprits on greasy hair and combed through.  My favourite is the Pixie Lott for Bastiste that can be found here.

4. Brushing hair - Brushing hair can seem a chore and if you suffer from tangles, using a brush more carefully is a must. You can actually over brush hair to the point of it damaging the hair leaving split ends and hair loss it also can leave hair looking more greasy. Try to only brush your hair when it really needs it and be specifically careful brushing out damp hair. Wet hair is at its most fragile state. Getting a brush that is specifically for tangled hair will really help you from over brushing.  I currently use a Tangle teezer, Which is great for removing knots and is gentle on the hair. I have a underactive thyroid which causes my hair too shed very easily and I find this brush to not pull out as much hair. They are also available in a water version specifically for brushing wet here available here or the original here

5. Patience -  When I first started trying to grow my hair out,  I would stress about it, which seems silly but as I was so desperate for Rapunsel locks, I would worry it would never grow. I tried every potion on the market promising flowing hair, but nothing worked for me & it seemed like a on going battle. Have you ever heard the expression a watched kettle never boils? Well that saying is so true the more you keep focusing on your hairs length the slower it will seem to grow, just sit back & relax and just try to keep it in the best condition you possibly can.  That's the only way your hair will grow .. Time.